WeWork Martin Place

A site-specific response to the distinctive heritage and characteristics of the building, while expressing WeWork’s brand and values.

Project WeWork Martin Place
Year 2016
Type Workplace
Size 3150sqm

Rendered Services
Concept Design
Design Development
Material and Finishes Selection
Furniture Selection and Lighting Specification
Project Management

WeWork Martin Place is the first WeWork site to open in Australia, so it was important for the client to have their brand represented in a powerful way. Co-working is at the heart of the brand, therefore first and foremost the spaces had to encourage collaboration and allow for flexibility.

The site chosen for their fit-out is the iconic 5 Martin Place, the original Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the first large steel skyscraper in Sydney. The building affectionately became known as the “money box building” in the 1920s. With its rich history, we felt compelled for the design to take its cues from its banking history which is illustrated through the palette of navy blue, deep green and burgundy with accents of brass and marble used throughout.

Built-in nooks and phone booths were customs designed to reflect the design concept. We took inspiration from old banking tellers and incorporated design elements relevant to design eras such as curves and materials such as brass, velvet and rattan. Custom lighting was developed unique to the design concept and the hot desks on the main floor were custom designed, inspired by the old bank teller desks that can still be seen in the lobby.