The Farm Wholefoods

The farm is a wholefoods concept store, which engages the community on a number of levels.

Project The Farm Wholefoods
Year 2015
Type Hospitality, Retail
Size 230sqm

Rendered Services
Concept Design
Design Development
Material and Finishes Selection
Furniture Selection and Lighting Specification
Project Management

The main drawcard of the space is the bulk health food shopping. In addition to this, The Farm houses a café where you can buy healthy treats made with the raw produce that The Farm sells in-house.

The fit out draws on symbols and materials commonly found in a typical farm setting. The main visual feature of the space is a triangular barn shape, which houses the café setting and bulk food bins. The silhouette of a typical farmhouse has inspired the design of the café and retail structures within the space.

Furthermore, we have only specified materials that are durable and can be re-used or recycled. The furniture used throughout is a combination of recycled pallets, reclaimed timber and sustainable bamboo.