1888 Certified

A celebration of robust, honest materiality, the client's Australian cattle farming heritage and the craft of butchery.

Project 1888 Certified
Year 2015
Type Retail
Size 130sqm

Rendered Services
Concept Design
Design Development and Documentation
Material and Finishes Selection
Furniture Selection and Lighting Specification
Project Management

We first started on the journey with our clients with in-depth research to understand their brand. We worked closely with the clients to catalogue every single tile range they sold, taking into account current and future quantities to ensure the design of their new showroom allowed all tiles equal weighting in displays, from mosaics to large format slabs.

Depending on the tile to be displayed, a different approach was taken. Large format tiles are displayed on sliding panels that can be appreciated from a distance, where as mosaics are displayed in units that encourage the user to take the mosaics off the displays and interact with them to appreciate their tactility.